Our Services

Classes in English, German, French, Spanish & Italian

NIKOLOPOULEIO offers modern, immersive language teaching for 5 European languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian), with an interactive, cosmopolitan orientation.

In addition to offering courses leading to  language learning certifications- with an excellent track record for results, we aim to raise cultural awareness towards a globalized work and learning environment. Our priority is practicing languages in real world situations, giving our students the confidence to go on to study, work and live in countries where those languages are spoken, globally.

Our Services include:

  • Language Classes

    (English-French-German-Spanish-Italian) for students of all levels and ages, and leading to all relevant certifications by the respective institutions. In particular:


University of Cambridge

Certifications      CEF


KET                       A2

PET                       B1

FCE                       B2

CPE                      C2


University of Michigan

Certifications     CEF

ECCE                    B2

ECPE                    C2


Learning Resource Network

LRN levels B2 and C2

Educational Testing Service


British Council, IDP; IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English



Ministere de l’Education nationale

DELF levels A1-B2

Sorbonne Université

Sorbonne levels C1- C2


Goethe Institut

Goethe Zertifikat Levels A1- C2


Instituto Italiano di Cultura


Instituto Cervantes

These programmes are aiming to develop a wide range of life and employability skills for our students, through a series of activities and methodologies that make use of globalised languages.

This programme aims to cultivate a natural feel for the English language as it is used in the contemporary globalised environment, on a day-to-day basis. It is specifically designed to target the needs of adult learners.

A week-long programme focused on creative labs, cosmopolitan competences, project-based learning and innovative language teaching methods

Classes preparing students for the foreign language exam component as part of the requirements of the University entrance exams.


As an educational organization, NIKOLOPOULEIO is a comprehensive, 21st century international language school.

Our priority is  teaching languages by simulating  real world situations, giving our students the confidence to eventually go on to study, work and live in countries where those languages are spoken.

Our focus is on the learner and their needs, and our philosophy is the cornerstone of the framework that guides this approach, supported by extracurricular programmes, unique to NIKOLOPOULEIO:

Extracurricular programmes:

Cosmopolitan Competencies – Citizens of the World©

Learning Approach

Creating competent, confident citizens of the world

Our goal is not only to teach foreign languages, but to create cosmopolitan world citizens.

The NIKOLOPOULEIO ambition is to support every one of our students towards becoming a competent world citizen and to achieve global and cultural literacy;  to become empowered to live, learn and work confidently in any country where our 5 core taught languages are spoken, whether in Europe or other multilingual countries and global contexts; finally, not only to be able to adapt to the local language and culture, but actually to thrive on the challenge of new environments.

Learning Levels

Students are divided into three levels according to age and cognitive ability:

  • JUNIOR – Cosmopolitans Silver: Ages 7-10
  • MIDDLE – Cosmopolitans Gold: Ages 10-13
  • UPPER – Cosmopolitans Diamond: Ages 13-15

Different skills are reflected at each level, and there is a sense of progress that leads from creativity and cultural understanding to innovation, and from there to entrepreneurship as an indicator of growth in a society. At middle and upper levels, students are also introduced to inspirational talks that cover international professions and the role that globalised language skills play in successful careers.


The duration of the programme is ten months, and the whole programme cycle lasts up to 5 years, moving from Silver to Diamond proficiency.

Learning Outcomes

Creation of a mindset that is focused on responsible, global development

The cosmopolitan competences we aim to instil are:

  • International education and multilingualism
  • Digital literacy
  • The ability to adapt to different environments
  • The appreciation of aesthetics and the arts
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Interest in sustainability and globalization, as well as global challenges
  • Celebration of cultural diversity
  • Creation of a mind-set that is focused on the global reality

Our Academic Expertise

Our programmes are based on research conducted by the school management, both at the bibliography and at the application level; the findings informed an article published in an international academic journal in 2016. We tested and further refined the NIKOLOPOULEIO methodology in our schools between 2012 and 2016, with our pilot programme Skills for Life, aimed at building skills that equipped the students with awareness of  a globalized work/ learning environment.

Activities included, among others, inspirational speeches by artists, athletes, photographers, musicians, entrepreneurs, presenting how foreign languages helped them in their careers. We partnered with organizations using experiential learning in helping the students acquire familiarisation with other cultures; also, we partnered with external organisations and supported initiatives such as the NASA app challenge, and became sponsors of the First TEDx Larissa.

Nasa talk - Nikolopouleio
inspirational talk - Nikolopouleio

Accompanying the Cosmopolitan Competences programme, NIKOLOPOULEIO offers introductory Multilingual Ateliers© to students of English. These are 15 minute- long language and culture- based games in languages that the students are not registered to study. To- date, we have offered ateliers in French, German and Spanish covering contemporary agendas and topics such as international culinary experiences, fashion trends and industries,  energy  and sustainability challenges, the automotive industry and its role in the economy, seasonal customs and traditions.

Chinese Lunar new year - Nikolopouleio
app challenge - Nikolopouleio
venice carnival - Nikolopouleio

My School in the City©

The goal of this exciting programme is to develop an outward-focused orientation towards the urban community, under the guidance of our teachers and management. The programme aims to engage both teachers and students in live cultural activities and to develop students’ collaborative, communicative and cultural skills.

The benefits of this programme impact positively the conduct of students in and out of the classroom, and help towards creating active, confident citizens from an early age. The programme also helps the students understand the value of languages as an essential tool and resource in today’s global environment. To that end, our students have visited TV stations, museums, comics festivals, and volunteered in community festivals in our city, where they had the opportunity to learn more about professions and community activities, and to practice their language skills through various targeted actions.

Within the scope of this programme, NIKOLOPOULEIO is also participating as an active stakeholder in the ‘Sustainability’ Group of the Municipal UNESCO programme of Larissa, ‘Larissa, Learning City’Η Πόλη που Μαθαίνει’.